Software to use to draw house/building plans

Software used to draw plans of a house are quite numerous. Some of them are easy to use, others - more sophisticated and proves less accessible to the general public.

draftingThese software tools are essential to refine a building project and its feasibility .

A house plan editor provides various functions. It generally allows:

• draw walls and partitions;

• trace parts of the house to the desired dimensions.

• take a virtual 3D tour ;

• draw the external view from outside the building;

• place the various openings such as doors and windows;

• place objects such as furniture;

• position the stairs;

• create levels (basement, ground floor, first floor);

• save the map in widely used formats;

• print map.

Using Free Software for your house plans.

To learn tracing plans for fun or with the objective of working on a draft, it is not necessary to invest money, as many free application are available. For more advance features you’ll need to make some investment. Among the software and services of good quality and enjoyable to use include:


  • This computer-assisted design software allows you to draw diagrams and technical drawings;
  • it proves a helpful assistance in preparing a construction project.

Home Styler

  • This Web service is considered one of the best tools for developing house plans;
  • the 3D rendering is instantaneous, the plan can be realized emailed or shared on social networks;
  • creating an online account enables you to save your plans to return to it later;
  • Essential to have a good level of English as no translation options are available.

Architecte® :

  • An interesting tool that was developed in partnership with an architect;
  • It offers the opportunity to work on a draft to obtain a scale plan of professional quality.

Sweet Home 3D :

  • this software offers dozens of models in three dimensions that can be freely imported;
  • it also allows you to draw a house plan and place objects, furniture, vehicles;
  • Includes many textures.

Kozikaza® :

  • This freeware 3D house plan requires no download to create a plan, and decorate the interior of the building;
  • tracing a plan is easy and fast.
  • Possible to create your own furniture.

Archifacile® : a very simplified software that caters to beginners, it is a kind of basic architecture.

Good to know : the big names like IKEA®, Alinea® or Leroy Merlin® make available online tools so that each user can design the kitchen of her dreams.

Purchase or download your fantasy 3D remodeling software now so you may create the house you've always desired! Whether you're purchasing a small house, working with a very small house designer, or designing your own, understanding how to draw a floor program can help you communicate your suggestions and turn them in a real, workable design.

With premium, free and very low cost programs in the marketplace, it will become essential to understand what you want out of your software so as to earn a well-informed choice. If you're choosing free software, a trial deadline isn't a problem, so even better! This computer drafting software is somewhat simple to learn and if you're an architect, Engineer or Interior Decorator but need to have technical understanding of drafting, then it's an exact intelligent choice. CAD software should create accurate benefits, but I discovered this product does not. It's important to keep in mind that any 2D CAD software is just like its developers, so when asking the question whether it is any great really is dependent upon the individual program, which explains why you should limit your options before trying a totally free trial of each.

SketchUp or SketchUp Pro? What's the Deal...

SketchUp SketchUp Pro?

A good question to ask yourself before investing nearly $695 USD for a license of SketchUp Pro. Especially since, for many uses, SketchUp (free version) is more than enough .

The differences between the version of SketchUp Free and Pro version become more important with each new version of SketchUp. Buyers of SketchUp Pro license finally have the feeling of paying for something that is not available in SketchUp free. Too bad it’s partly because of the features are removed from the free version, like importing DWG / DXF files.

major differences between SketchUp and SketchUp Pro

SketchUp Pro features:

  • import capacity and much larger export including DWG / DXF essential if you work in the field of construction. The available formats allow you to exchange vector data with most CAD software and 3D graphics today.
  • Solid tools , appeared in version 8 - These tools perform Boolean operations of union, subtraction, intersection, dividing and cutting solid volumes. Solid tools can save you a lot of time saving the essential cleaning process after the calculation of the sides of intersections.
  • creating dynamic components - Dynamic components are components where attributes have been added. These attributes can be additional information (make, model, price, etc.) and spatial relationships (how two component parts are positioned relative to each other) or behavior (eg when moving 'clicking on the component). Note that the dynamic components can be used (but not created) in the free version of SketchUp.
  • generating reports (csv or xml format) listing the different attributes of the components in your model . Combined with custom attributes of components, it is for possible to produce a list taking up the brand, model and price of this furniture in your model with calculating the total.
  • BIM filing system (including IFC) which opens SketchUp other BIM software.
  • the layout software LayOut
  • LayOut allows you, unlike SketchUp to:
    • present different views of the same model or more models on the same page, which is impossible in SketchUp;
    • create presentations on multiple pages;
    • print to scale model views that are not in the orthogonal planes;
    • large prints;
    • add a cartridge easily;
    • add angular dimensions;
    • quickly synchronize the views of your layout when changing the original model;
    • make dynamic presentations in full screen, like PowerPoint.
  • Style Builder that allows you to create a custom and unique style display.
  • technical assistance by email.

A professional question?

For architects, its difficult to do without the import and export of DXF or DWG files for trade with the partners involved in a construction project. LayOut and is handy for quickly making an attractive presentation folder with perspective views, elevations, 2D sections and plans from several different models.

For carpenters and trades working in furniture construction, the appearance of Solid tools with version 8 was a good surprise. These tools are very useful for modeling very quickly the parts assemblies . LayOut and can print to scale the production drawings of each piece with a cartridge.

Accounting Software

Accounting Software Accounting software can also help you save money. It would likewise be good in the event the accounting software has a completely free trial or a money-back guarantee in place so you may immediately get a refund if you’re not happy. In tough times it’s even more important to select the perfect accounting software for your organization, as it can indicate the difference between barely getting by and excellent success. To assist you find the proper accounting software for your company, take a look at our Accounting Software Buyer’s Guide. Finding the correct small small business accounting software requires you to be aware of the sort of needs you have in regards to ensuring you are appropriately keeping an eye on your finances.

How to choose accounting software

Are you an entrepreneur, self-employed incorporated or are responsible for the accounting of an SME? You should not neglect to choose your accounting software, which has become an ally in the organization and productivity of your business. Start by analyzing your needs: Do you prefer a software online or not? Do you need a payroll service included and a timesheet service? Do you favour simplicity or multiple options? Having established your criteria, see our simple guide to making the best choice.

Sage 50 :

Formerly Simply Accounting, the accounting software is probably one of the most used in Québec by French SMEs. It is a comprehensive system that is simple enough to use, but requires training if you want to do everything yourself. You can prepare payroll in Canada by purchasing an additional module.

QuickBooks :

This software is very similar to Sage 50. It is a bit of use Sage 50 complex but offers some additional features. An online version in English or French is available (see below).

cloud-based online software

These software solutions are available online only: all done in the cloud! Thus, we can do our accounting anywhere, anytime! Very convenient for busy entrepreneurs when on the road. This is clearly the trend in the accounting software field.


Xero is a complete system with which you can do almost anything. Like most software, you will definitely need an accounting background to use it effectively. If you have an online business, buying some additional modules (plug-in) can help to link your sales and invoices directly. Several additional modules are available, for example to prepare payroll or to communicate with other applications.


This software offers just under additional modules that Xero, but it’s definitely a good choice when you need fewer options, and has the advantage of being easy to use. Only one package is available (you can get a discount if your accountant uses it for their clients). In addition to all the basic functions, it can connect to Freshbooks or other software to import data. Note a few weaknesses in creating invoices for customers. We believe the visual interface and usability could be updated.

Sage One :

This software is very young and was developed by the same company as Sage 50. It works great for invoicing, bank reconciliation and automatically import transactions from the bank account. Work remains to be done by cons to make it a perfect software such as Sage One still does not prepare payroll, and many reports are improving.

QuickBooks Online:

This version of online QuickBooks desktop software described above is available in an inexpensive basic package. By cons, you will probably soon need more advanced and more expensive packages. We noted that it is sometimes a bit slow when using. For the rest, it is very similar to its desktop version; Note that you cannot perform migration from one platform to another.


Freshbooks is a system specialized in online sales invoices. This is a good choice for self-employed, since it allows proper monitoring of customer accounts and suppliers. Only drawback: it is not a double-entry accounting system (debit-credit), which may not be sufficient for an incorporated business that requires the production of financial statements.

Feel free to take advantage of free trials that offer most of the software to ensure that its use may become instinctive for you.

Based on how successful your business is, you might or might not have the capacity to pay for an accountant. Thus, even if a company experiences a significant computer problem, they won’t need to be worried about losing important financial records. This way, it can save on the costs of hiring a full-time accountant.