SketchUp or SketchUp Pro? What's the Deal...

SketchUp SketchUp Pro?

A good question to ask yourself before investing nearly $695 USD for a license of SketchUp Pro. Especially since, for many uses, SketchUp (free version) is more than enough .

The differences between the version of SketchUp Free and Pro version become more important with each new version of SketchUp. Buyers of SketchUp Pro license finally have the feeling of paying for something that is not available in SketchUp free. Too bad it’s partly because of the features are removed from the free version, like importing DWG / DXF files.

major differences between SketchUp and SketchUp Pro

SketchUp Pro features:

A professional question?

For architects, its difficult to do without the import and export of DXF or DWG files for trade with the partners involved in a construction project. LayOut and is handy for quickly making an attractive presentation folder with perspective views, elevations, 2D sections and plans from several different models.

For carpenters and trades working in furniture construction, the appearance of Solid tools with version 8 was a good surprise. These tools are very useful for modeling very quickly the parts assemblies . LayOut and can print to scale the production drawings of each piece with a cartridge.